Starting a new blog while in Ushuaia, the end of the world.

It’s 9:04am here in Ushuaia, Patagonia in Argentina, the literal end of the world, and it still looks like 5am outside.

The sun has been rising at roughly 10am every day since we got here almost a week ago, and it’s been giving me slight headaches since I am an early riser. I wake up at 5am, 6am, 7am then I finally decide to get up at 8am. And it’s always still dark outside.

We are staying in a studio-type Airbnb here, and as I am writing this, I can hear Alex sleeping soundly. He wakes up a wee bit later than I do… This is a time for me to reflect on how…

Life has been slow, cold, yet wonderful lately.

Maybe it’s the 5mbps internet we have in this resort town, or the temperature in the negative degrees, or just by being next to snowy mountains when we look outside the window. Being here gives me a sense of reflection, of longing to share stories in longer form. The slow internet connection forces one to be in this mood…

Hence, this blog. For family and friends, and strangers interested in knowing more about the places Alex and I have been to.

I hope to be motivated enough to continue chronicling our travels and life as we experience it. I wish to share photos much larger than what Instagram allows. I wish to write like I was writing for my blogs back in the 2010s. I have a year’s worth of travel plans, anecdotes, photos I want to put on this blog anyway. It will be a fun project!

If you’re here reading this, can you let me know, what you would like to know? What you would like to see?