Private Tour Down The Panama Canal, and Seeing Sloths!

Sometimes, Alex and I would join tours to be able to learn more about a place through its locals. We were fortunate this time that the tour we’ve arranged turned into a private tour!

We toured the Panama Canal on a boat, heading down to explore different parts of the canal towards Gatun Lake.

We would make stops along the way to wait look at the animals closer. We saw Panama’s Capuchin monkeys that went to our boat looking for nuts, iguanas on trees, tiny poisonous frogs, and sloths! Animals are amazing.

Here’s a video of how big the waves got from a ship passing the Panama Canal

And another of the Capuchin monkeys going to our boat!


Panama City: Fonda Lo Que Hay and Casco Antiguo

Coming from Lima, we flew to our first Central American country - Panama!

One afternoon, we dined at Fonda Lo Que Hay, one of the top restaurants in Latin America. Anthony Bourdain dined there, and coincidentally we were seated next to a sketch of him!

We then explored Casco Antiguo which is what they call their old quarters, and admired the skyline and the architecture from there.